Seattle Neurology has closed.

Seattle Neurology first opened its doors to see patients 12 years ago. However, much has changed in the field of healthcare over the past decade. One of the largest changes has been a shift toward medicine practiced within a large healthcare network rather than between group practices or solo practices. Currently, in the state of Washington, 80% of the insured population receives their healthcare from one of four major healthcare systems (Providence, Multicare, Franciscan Health, Peacehealth). Much of the remaining 20% of the insured population receive their care from other large organizations (Polyclinic, PacMed, Overlake Hospital, Kaiser or University of Washington). Over the past several decades, physicians have abandoned running their own businesses favoring to become employees of these healthcare networks. Quite simply, the model of a solo medical practitioner is an anachronism. I've tried every permutation to keep the lights on and the doors open but this year I finally accepted that it's time to close operations.

I plan to keep my license active in the state of Washington and begin searching for a job as an employed physician in the near future. Presently, I am preparing to be a stay-at-home dad for my first child.

As I will no longer be working as a neurologist, it is imperative that any remaining patients establish care with a new physician. This is particularly important for those of you who receive a prescription medication from me. After August 31st, 2017, I will no longer refill any medications. Should you find yourself in need of a refill after August 31st, 2017, I encourage you to contact your primary care provider who can fill the medication until you establish with a new neurologist. Your primary care provider can also help you find a new neurologist.

Should a situation arise that requires urgent or even emergent neurological care after August 31st, 2017, you will need to go to the nearest Emergency Department or contact your primary care provider if you have not already established with a new neurologist.

There are a number of options to have your records delivered to yourself or your new doctor. Click this link for Record Request to print the form which will then need to be completed and returned by mail or email (

I plan to have my billing company continue processing and collecting owed money through the end of 2017. However, any accounts with owed money after December 31st, 2017, will be turned over to a collection agency. Therefore, please keep in contact with my billing company to ensure that your account remains up to date. They can be reached Monday - Friday at 330-758-4862.

While I am saddened about the closure of Seattle Neurology, I am reminded of the Buddhist tenet of impermanence: the only constant in life is change.

Bjorn Krane, MD

Seattle Neurology has closed as of August 31st, 2017. Please go to the Patient Info found in the side menu for more information. We encourage you to explore where you can learn more about various neurological diseases and conditions.